Saturday, 28 April 2012

CCTV Win for Luton

CCTV Win by Ward Councillors and activists

Ward Councillor's Sam Craven, Tristan Osborne and Christine Godwin would like to thank residents and local PACTs for backing our campaign for more CCTV for Luton

We have been campaigning for three months to get improved CCTV coverage for the ward after residents have informed us of concerns about anti-social behaviour. 

A temporary camera has now been fixed on Beacon Hill / Luton High Street and we are expecting further fixed camera's shortly to be fitted at the following locations
  • Magpie Hall Road / Newnham Street
  • Ambrose Hill / Luton Road 
  • Beacon Hill / Luton High Street

Temporary CCTV Camera on Luton Road

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